This is not a handbag story

Cosmopolitan travel is the major influence in Vassi’s designs. She amplifies her love for urban life by drawing on the cityscapes, materials and cultural icons of each great metropolis. The result is handbags that shine like jewels, and the process is a love affair with travel, life and history. Each Vassi8 design is filled with the wisdom of a deeply lived life based on learning, creation and devotion.


Vassi has spent decades travelling the world, exploring new cities, discovering the daily habits of each urban centre and learning the inner secrets of street life in cultures as varied as Manhattan and Milan.


Studying art and pattern making is merely the formal expression of Vassi’s learning process. She draws on her childhood passion for design, borrowing from her own history as a traveller, émigré and cultural magpie, to reintegrate a lifetime of experience into creating superb design.


The discipline of creation led Vassi to work where the vocabulary of superb design exists. She has focused on proving herself not just as a designer but a bag maker, learning the skills of leatherwork to ensure her designs are grounded in the nature and inherent properties of fine leather.


Craftsman-led details such as hand-stitched leather and jewelled embellishments make use of traditional craft skills but each Vassi8 bag is also a contemporary restatement of design. Each bag is a homage to the heritage of techniques and experience that make leather-craft a lifetime’s apprenticeship, maintaining skills and training passed down through the centuries.

Design Inspiration

It can take a lifetime to become a master. Vassi has done just that. From her first handbag design aged eight, to producing unique embellished bags for teenaged School friends, Vassi knew she would be a fashion designer. But it took decades of travel, research and dedication to the art of leather for her to produce her first collection - Urban Treasures.

Urban Devotion

Sydney’s sunlit panoramas drove Vassi’s desire to incorporate colour and sparkle into the sphere of handbag design. Italy is the base of Vassi8 production, working with the foremost tanners, pattern cutters and manufacturers to create jewel-like bags that are not mere accessories but investments in style. London is Vassi’s urban love affair a centre of design with a cosmopolitan heritage and a tradition of using fine materials, it’s the natural base for Vassi8.

Urban Sophistication

A handbag is more than a useful object. It expresses personality and should make life simpler. Vassi has spent years discovering what works for women the shapes, the colours, the technology and the materials that turn a handbag from a thing to a beloved possession. Urban Treasures a lifetime’s investment in handbag design.